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Fat Burning Furnace Review – Diet Plan Honest Review

Fat Burning FurnaceFat Burning Furnace diet exercise plan was created by Rob Poulos. The plan provides guidance on how to eat and how to exercise to burn fat and lose weight. In particular Rob offers you 22 very specific fat burning exercises along with a plan to perform them.

The Fat Burning Furnace book outlines short (15 minute) workouts that are designed to take full advantage of the 22 fat burning exercises in as little time as possible (15 minutes 3x per week). This is designed to have a kick-start effect on your metabolism while at the same time making the most of your limited time.

You will not need to eliminate carbs or any of the main food groups as the Fat Burning Furnace diet is not overly restrictive. Instead you will learn the difference between good and bad carbs, and be offered an eating plan that is relatively easy to stick to. You will choose foods that you like from a list and these foods will be used in your Fat Burning Furnace diet plan.

Fat Burning Furnace Workout

Fat Burning Furnace Workout

This is the core part of Fat Burning Furnace eBook where you will realize you need not spend tons of time on cardiovascular workouts in order to burn fat. Instead of telling you to perform 3 to 4 sets of each exercise like what most fitness trainers have guided you, Bob teaches you to do only 1 set, for as little as 20 to 25 minutes a day and 3 times a week. The idea behind this practice is to focus on trimming your muscle out by doing the exercise slowly to maximize its impact. That is why Bob tells you his method can help you to be in shape quickly.

You will be learning all the exercises from Fat Burning Furnace step-by-step guide with photos showing you exactly what to do. If you would like to have instructions in more detailed, you could upgrade and get the BlowTorch system and then you will be offered a 2-hour video where Bob will show you how he performs the exercises.

I would say it is enough to have the basic guide. It already has 3 workout plans for beginners, intermediate and advanced separately. You can choose the most suitable plan to start from. However, for those who are really that advanced and you would like to get the ideal shape, you may want to upgrade to the BlowTorch system which will teach you how to perfect specific parts of your body.

Fat Burning Furnace Diet

In this part, Bob did a very good job by telling you what foods to eat, how to eat and what to avoid if you want to maximize fat loss. He reinforces the idea of eating more frequently throughout a day but in smaller portion size so that you can keep your metabolism burning.

You will be offered a simple meal plan and a list of websites where you can find free recipes. Also you can enjoy some planners to track your progress and some tools like a body fat percentage analyzer.

Our verdict on Fat Burning Furnace is that with this guide, you no longer need to depend on diet pills or get up early to go to your gym. This is a comprehensive guide that opens your eyes about obesity, fat loss and staying healthy. You can treat yourself to your favorite dishes without worrying about the consequences of your actions, as long as you keep to the guidelines within this book.

Fat Burning Furnace Diet


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