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Fastest Way To Permanent Weight Loss

Everyone wants to lose weight some way or the other. Do you know your total weight depends on the calories that you consume, amount of exercises, and your metabolic rate. Listed below are some tips on achieving permanent weight loss:

Lower your intake of carbohydrates
It is simply impossible to lose weight if you don’t reduce your intake of carbs. Therefore, avoid eating carbohydrate-rich foods, especially those having high glycemic load (GL). Such a diet will help you control your hunger pangs and decrease cravings. Not only you will feel full, but would find yourself more energetic. In fact, if you are trying to control weight, your carb intake should go below one-sixth of your calories. Avoid eating foods with high-GL carbohydrates including sugary foods, breads, and pastas.

Low intake of fats
Having low fats helps you losing weight fast. High -fat foods contain more calories. Therefore, you must lower your intake of carbohydrates and proteins if you want to control your weight gain. You can even adopt a vegetarian lifestyle and opt for foods that have very low caloric density. This will help you shed excess weight.

Include fiber-rich foods
Fiber is an important constituent of your meal. Therefore, consume just 25 grams of fiber every day, which should have around 10 grams of insoluble fiber.

Don’t rush weight loss targets
Many people, who lose weight, regain it soon. This happens due to the ghrelin hormone secreted by our stomach. This hormone triggers appetite and also lowers the metabolism rate. As a result, people increased fat storage in their bodies. The level of this hormone goes up after each meal, but drops once you are full. Therefore, never rush your weight loss targets. Just make gradual changes in your diet.

Do plenty of exercise
You must remain physically active, if you want to burn calories and achieve permanent weight loss. Regular exercise helps you increase your metabolic level and lose weight fast.


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